Confidentiality And Information Security Agreement

The template is provided in the form of a user guide by the department in order to properly protect the university`s sensitive and confidential information. As a user of UW and UW School of Dentistry Computing computer resources and data, you are required to verify and sign this agreement. The agreement confirms your responsibility for compliance with the guidelines of the UW and the UW School of Dentistry; to protect your accounts and passwords; not to change the configuration of the computer without official authorization; Patient and student information is confidential and UW resources are only used for authorized tasks. Digital communication has increased the ease of access to information, which has necessitated changes in our efforts to protect the privacy and confidentiality of patients, colleagues and students. The agreement is essential to ensure compliance with federal and regional rules. We must preserve data integrity and protect patient information, student information, staff records, and other limited and confidential information. Since it is important that we understand all of these terms and agree to do so, a review and signing of the agreement is required at regular intervals for all employees. Staff include faculties, collaborators, students, apprentices, volunteers, and others working for the UW School of Dentistry, whether or not that member is paid by the UW School of Dentistry. This agreement covers the configuration of the computer. „computer configuration“ means the combination of hardware, software, operating system and settings used to configure each of these items. These settings apply to all users of the system and can only be changed by a person with elevated rights.

Operating system settings, firewall settings, system time, and installed applications require a change in system configuration. A change to it can result in security risks or damage/disable a computer if it is not properly executed. This agreement covers the guidelines of the UW and the UW School of Dentistry….