Ww Membership Agreement

With the exception of a multi-period prepayment, if this is the case, or if you have been eligible for a reduced price but are no longer eligible for this rate, the renewal fee is the tax of the previous period, unless we notify you in advance at the time of activation or before the start of the extension period as shown above. Every time you use or access an affiliate product, you confirm that we can charge your credit or debit card (or, if necessary, any other form of payment). If we are unable to charge for your chosen payment method, we will reserve the right to suspend access to affiliate products or suspend or remove access after notice. If you have acquired a multi-period advance plan, if you can, or if you are eligible for a discounted price but you are no longer entitled to that price, your membership will automatically be renewed for our standard membership rates and for our standard (usually monthly) period at the beginning of the extension period. If you want to purchase another plan in advance for several periods and we offer these plans in advance, you must inform us before you charge for the next affiliation period. (d) You are solely responsible for the confidentiality of your password and account information. You must notify us immediately if you are aware or suspected of unauthorized use of your account or an alleged security breach, including the unauthorized loss, theft or disclosure of your password or payment information of others. If your payment method expires, is terminated, lost, or used without your permission, you agree to immediately notify our customer service team or access the site`s „Account Settings“ feature to update your membership data to provide details about another valid payment method. You are fully responsible for all activities that take place via your user account. You are also responsible for paying all the amounts that have been billed to your payment method by a third party that has not been authorized by you. You are also responsible for all the printed materials you receive that will allow you to use or access the subscription to the digital workshop.