Cloudera Subscription Agreement

1.10 „Privacy Policy“ refers to Cloudera`s privacy policy, which is available and can be updated from time to time by Cloudera. Customers and developers can access our products with a subscription contract with Cloudera. We have free (unsured) subscriptions for developers and short-term test subscriptions. Commercial subscriptions will be available to all customers who want support and maintenance, including access to the software with the latest updates and security patches Yes, the source code is provided in accordance with the corresponding open source license. Customers who have an active subscription contract for CDP Private Cloud or CDP Data Center software have the option of accessing the CDP source repositories that Cloudera hosts. One way or another, I hope this is a good step for Cloudera, because some users who are currently on the free version will obviously choose to buy a subscription rather than modify their infrastructure, which should be good news for shareholders (including me). Tariff metrics meet cloud consumption and subscription standards for data management and analysis. No no. Current customers are not required to sign new contracts as a result of this change. Existing subscription agreements are used and access to Cloudera products requires click-through conditions or a new order form with conditions to meet the new policy. 5.

Third-party software. The partner recognizes and accepts that (i) licensed software may contain certain copyrighted, patented and/or legally protected third-party software and/or hardware); and (ii) in addition to the terms of this contract, their use remains subject to the conditions of third-party licenses that apply to these third-party software and which can be granted directly by the third party to partners. It is recommended that the partner read these licensing agreements before using the licensed software. If the partner does not accept the terms of such third-party licensing agreements, the partner cannot use the third-party software and the licensed software may not work. The partner recognizes that Cloudera provides the partner (i) with a list of third-party software on the Cloudera website, (ii) in the licensed software itself, the source code of the licensed software (if made available to cloudera`s partner) and/or the third-party notification file provided to the Cloudera product, and/or (iii) in another way.