Uts Enterprise Agreement Professional Staff

45.6 The employee will not refuse an appropriate offer of redeployment or training and may only be placed in a lower classification position by agreement. The industrial conditions for the employment of UTS employees are set in: the conditions of employment of UTS are set by various laws, collective agreements, customary law and university police, practice and statutes. (b) assess whether the staff member has the necessary skills and experience or whether he or she can be re-elected to the office; 45.20 At the request of an employee dismissed by dismissal or reduction, the university shall submit a letter confirming that he or she has held a position deemed to be superior to the university`s requirements. . (a) annul a decision declaring the post of agent superfluous; 45.23 Within ten business days of the appointment of the Director, the expert shall review the documents relevant to the decision to declare a position dismissed. The expert shall prepare a written report on whether:. (a) up to $1000 (including GST) in financial aid for independent financial advice to be paid upon presentation of a receipt to the university; 45.3 If an employee is dismissed, the university may offer the employee the opportunity to reduce the notice period to 3 months in order to obtain an additional package (reduced notice). An employee has 2 weeks from the date of notification to accept this offer. (c) up to 1 day of leave without loss of pay for each week of dismissal to participate in the necessary work interviews.

The employee must, at the request of the university, provide proof of participation in a job interview or not pay for the period of absence. 45.16 If the university accepts a request for voluntary termination, the university will consult with staff before confirming the final date of employment. 45.25 The auditor shall make available to the Director, Human Resources, a report on the auditor`s results, which shall forward the report and related materials to the appropriate Vice-Chancellor or equivalent Assistant Vice-Chancellor for review and decision. A copy of the report is also provided to the officer upon request. (a) have used fair and objective criteria to determine the redundant position; and the pro rata duty is calculated in accordance with subsection 29.6. 45.14 Continuous service is calculated on the following scale and limited to a maximum of 52 weeks. (b) may obtain other documents and meet with other staff members or representatives of the university if they deem it necessary. 45.9 An officer shall not waive his or her right to a reduction unless he or she receives an appropriate offer of reintegration at the end of the probation period. 18 weeks plus 2 weeks for each additional year of continuous service or prorated for a portion thereof and limited to a maximum of 52 weeks 45.7; When a staff member is placed in a lower ranked post, the staff member shall receive salary payments for a period of twelve months from the date of the transfer.

The payment of the pension does not include the payment of allowances which were specific to the previous position and which were not relevant to the new post. . . .