Sda Coles Agreement 2017

Coles uses „mycoles“ to record all the choices you can make. The payment applies only to employees who are employed as of June 30, 2017 and remain employed by Coles at the time of the vote. Hundreds of SDA delegates and stewards attended mass meetings in November 2016 and June 2017 to order the SDA to oppose the cancellation and negotiate a new EBA. You will receive a copy of the full summary document from your SDA delegate, SDA organizer or click here. Click here for the proposed Coles Supermarkets Agreement. Negotiations with the company, which took place for 13 full days from July 4, 2017, were difficult because they were based on the General Retail Industry Award, which meant that many people had been severely beaten and that the long-standing terms of the Coles agreement were in jeopardy. This meets some of the SDA`s requirements for improving penalty interest. The SDA continues to focus on wage protection, ensuring higher wages for all employees and transitioning to a new agreement. Coles eventually agreed to a new draft enterprise agreement that would pay penalties and workers above the premium. Under the 2017 agreement, working hours may not exceed 9 hours, with a duration of 11 hours per week.

We have now officially reacted to the project of a new agreement, which is an award-winning platform. The current rolling chart provisions include hours outside the normal working period in the 2017 agreement. No new agreement will be introduced without a vote by Coles workers. These rollboard elections only work if the 2017 agreement is approved by the Fair Work Commission. You may currently have a service table that could be affected by the new standard organizational rules of the new agreement. If you want to continue this election, Coles must confirm that Woolworths employees are starting to negotiate a new deal. Mr. Cullinan stated that Woolworths employees were paid even less than Coles employees before their new agreement was introduced. In the event of a positive vote, Coles employees also receive compensation from staff. This is a lump sum payment of $475 for full-time workers (in proportion to part-time and casual workers based on hours worked from July to September 2017).