Utah Association Of Realtors Residential Rental Agreement

Utah`s statutes do not regulate a specified period during which a tenant can receive leniency for late payments. This can be clarified by the owner in the contents of the lease. A residential lease agreement in Utah is a fixed-term contract between a landlord (owner) or his representative and a person wishing to rent and occupy the space (tenant). After approval of an oral agreement, the landlord generally accepts the tenant`s credit information, background check and pre-rental history of a rental application. Depending on the verification process, it can take up to fifteen (15) minutes for a simple credit report to be executed, or for as long as a few days to verify references. Disclosure of Residential Availability – Landlords must notify landlords of a written disclosure in which they are informed of expected availability and criteria by which they accept tenants, including background verification criteria. No additional time set by law. Therefore, the rent should be paid on the date set in the tenancy agreement. Methamphetamine Disclosure – If the owner knows that an apartment has been contaminated with methamphetamines, they must disclose this information in the rental agreement.

Month-to-month lease – A document that was created and executed to load the rental of dwellings for a while with the specifications that each party can terminate with the advance warning of thirty (30) days. State law requires that the deposit for rental properties be repaid within thirty (30) days of the tenant`s eviction of the lease at the end of the lease. The amount refunded to the tenant is the total amount of the deposit, which subtracts the cost of defects or damage to the property that are not normal problems of wear. In order for a landlord to properly charge a fee for late rents, it is necessary to include in the contract an explicit language with respect to the specific late costs and a possible additional delay. The State of Utah does not set a limit on the amount a landlord can claim for a late monthly rent allowance.