Unifor Air Canada Collective Agreement

Detailed information on eligibility and application for a REQUEST TO admin2@unifor2002.org scholarship atwww.unifor.org/en/education/scholarships before May 31, 2019 – LAY OFF MEMBERS, which are officially filed from June 07/20, must return your RAIC, Credit Card, Parking Card and empty your assigned locker by June 07/20. If you are unable to do so, please contact yyzresource@aircanada.ca.You will receive information about the company`s health services via email. You will have access to corporate emails and travel benefits for 365 days from June 07/20. This does not include OAL Travel. The agreement eliminates the two-tier salary scale, includes a bonus, annual salary increases and overtime for Air Canada members. Health and safety is a top priority. A number of members were informed of the positive passengers of COVID-19 on the flights to which they were assigned. Please note the symptoms and if necessary, test immediately. It is extremely obligatory that all precautions be taken to protect ourselves. Gloves and masks at all times, while in the public domain. Please contact H-S for any requests. 905 676 2992 or linda.valle@aircanada.ca 615-Please send a form 615 to request a free line depending on the seniority via the bunker or yyzresource@aircanada.ca.

These forms are available both in the bunker and in the Union office. Remember that the new collective agreement states that there is no way to refuse once the new line has been recognized to you. If you have received a line and want to re-apply, you must create another Form 615 „RESUBMIT.“ „We are pleased to conclude these negotiations with an agreement that brings economic benefits and sets a new industry standard for our Air Canada CSSA members. The bargaining committee and our members fought and never went to their sponsors when they asked for an agreement that reflected their contributions to the company,“ said Euila Leonard, President of Unifor Local in 2002. „I would also like to thank Jerry Dias, Unifor National President, and Scott Doherty, Executive Assistant to the National President of Unifor, for their leadership and commitment to reaching an agreement.“ – You can also ask to change the holiday season, and the company will do everything in its power to house. Send a request to jodi.bessey@aircanada.ca and CC in jody@yyzdistrict301.com – PLEASE NOTE – this is only for employees who wish to quarantine themselves immediately to balance Strain Financial. If you need more than 10 hours, you have the option to work a E-Mail-yyzresource@aircanada.ca for overtime or take a position outside the pool so that you are not disadvantaged.