Tmall Merchant Service Agreement

Alipay charges a 1% service fee for each transaction over The applicable transaction is the sum of the product price and logistics tax: To ensure that the content of the comments can provide a reliable reference for consumer purchasing decisions and reflect the actual situation of the items or services, comments published by buyers and sellers via Tmall`s global commentary tool should be relevant to the items or services of the transaction and legally, objective and real. The buyer and seller must not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of related parties using the Tmall Global comment tool. Alipay immediate transfer without contractual agreement. Article 21 Merchants must pay or compensate for the deposit of the deposit in accordance with the applicable agreements or rules. If the balance is not sufficient and a trader cannot pay or compensate the deficit within fifteen (15) days of Tmall Global`s warning to pay, the supervision of the subsidiary is imposed until the deposit is fully paid. Compensation: this is the payment of compensation given by a merchant to the buyer and/or to Tmall Global, in accordance with the agreement or these rules. 3.Offer buyers some local return addresses and regular return channels, which means that a trader who sells goods to mainland China should offer a specific return address in mainland China; a merchant selling goods in Hong Kong should offer a specific return address in Hong Kong; and a trader who sells goods in Taiwan should offer a specific return address to Taiwan. The content of these rules includes the main text, all the other agreements or rules mentioned in these rules, as well as the various rules, regulations and standards that have been adopted or may be adopted in the future by Tmall Global. All rules, regulations and standards are an integral part of these rules and have the same legal value as the main text of this regulation; Merchants who open each type of shop must deposit the necessary deposit of $25,000 to work via Tmall Global. This one-time fee will be used as a guarantee in the event of damages or expenses incurred by Tmall Global or a customer as a result of the violation of the terms and conditions of the Tmall Global Merchant Service Agreement and other Tmall Global rules and policies. Article 47 Delay in delivery: Delayed delivery is the behaviour that occurs at any time, with the exception of legal holidays in China and the place of delivery, which adversely affect the buyer`s rights and interests, including the unfinished delivery of goods imported by the cross-border e-commerce seller within 96 hours of receiving the buyer`s payment, no delivery of goods imported collectively by the cross-border e-commerce seller and goods with direct overseas delivery service within 120 hours of the buyer`s delivery, no delivery of bespoke goods, presale or other goods for which the delivery period is agreed elsewhere within the agreed time.

The delivery time depends on the time recorded in the company express system. Interpretation of the rules. When you first register, you have frozen a deposit of 50,000 to 300000RMB on your Alipay account, which will be used as collateral in case Tmall is compensated.