Restricted Stock Agreement Sample

From the date of the grant until the expiry date or transfer of shares to the company, the member is entitled to receive all dividends and other distributions paid in connection with the shares. The dividends that the company must pay in cash to its public shareholders are automatically reinvested in additional shares at a purchase price per share corresponding to the fair value of a share of common shares at the time of the distribution of that dividend. All additional actions that are effective under paragraph 7 of the 1990 incentive plan (the „plan“) of NIKE, Inc., an Oregon company (the „Company“) and from – grants shares limited to – By accepting this limited participation premium, the beneficiary accepts all the terms of this agreement. The basic terms that are not defined in this agreement have the meaning attributed to them in the plan. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of paragraph 5.1, the disregard and forfeiture of the shares in the context of this allocation are subject to any other written agreement between the participant and the related company or company and, to the extent that such a written agreement does not otherwise provide for it, is expressly provided for in the plan, as set out in the plan (for example. B as part of a business transaction under Section 15.3 of the plan). 8. Changes to the capital structure. Prior to the seduction of Restricted Shares, the Class B outstanding common share is increased as a result of a share dividend, a stock split, reorganization, merger, consolidation, trading plan, recapitalization or other agreement, or converted to another number or type of shares or other securities of the company or other company, or another number of shares or other securities of another company , the restrictions and other provisions of this agreement apply to these additional Class B shares or to other shares or other shares or securities issued to the same extent as those restrictions on restricted shares and other provisions apply to restricted shares. This amendment (this „amendment“) to the simple CLASS A RESTRICTED STOCK AWARD AGREEMENTS (the „agreements“), listed on Schedule A of and under Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. (formerly known as Sanken North America, Inc.), a Delaware company (the „company“) and each of the company`s signed shareholders (each a „shareholder“ and together, the „shareholders“) are identified as June 1, 2019.

have the importance that is attributed to them in any agreement. The undersigned, a beneficiary of common shares of Washington Mutual, Inc., a Washington-based company (the „Company“), pursuant to a limited premium under the 2014 „Equity Investment Plan,“ states that this limited Restricted Stock Award („Agreement“) is subject to the provisions of Carver Bancorp`s „2014 Equity Investment Plan.“ , Inc. (the company) that referred to it and is part of this agreement, subject to the provisions of this agreement. A copy of the plan was provided to anyone who received a limited premium under the plan. The holder of this Restricted Stock Award (the „participant“) accepts this Restricted Stock Award on the basis of all the terms and conditions of the plan and this agreement and agrees that all decisions and interpretations of the plan and agreement by the plan management committee („committee“) or the company`s board of directors are final. , binding and conclusive for the participant and the participant`s heir. , legal representatives, rights holders and approved beneficiaries of the transfer.