Hlf Partnership Agreement Template

You should ensure that any contractor/provider/adviser or partner who can contribute to the creation of Digital Outputs is aware of our requirement that projects share them under Creative Commons Attributions 4.0 International license or equivalent license, and to ensure that you agree to share the resulting work in this way. If that is not possible, you must obtain a written agreement before an employment contract is issued to enter into other agreements with us, for example. B to use another open license. You must provide us with copies of the property contracts to ensure compliance with these requirements. Ownership contracts must be concluded and implemented before grants are granted for the work of each third-party land. If the country that is the subject of your grant is in the possession of a third party or several third parties, agreements should be made between the stock exchange and the landowner. There is no form of binding agreement, but the National Lottery Heritage Fund has specific requirements that should be included in all third-country owner agreements. Land ownership agreements should include at least the following: The payment percentage is based on cash contributions (partnership funding) for your project, so they may differ from the percentage of grants based on cash contributions, in-kind contributions and volunteer time. Below is an example of how your payment percentage and grant percentage are calculated. Project – the purposes we have approved in accordance with the application (given all the changes that we and you have agreed in writing prior to the date of our decision to grant you the grant and any changes we report to you in the grant notification letter).

These goals are sometimes described as approved goals and include those you receive and use partnership funding, as stated in the application and as you said you would use the property (if any). This section shows cash contributions (partnership funding) and in-kind contributions. If your project costs include revenue from another source, you should prove that this is guaranteed (we are certainly talking about cash served in your bank for this project or grants formally offered), such as a letter confirming a contribution from a funding agency. All identified partnership funding should be available before launch authorization can be granted. We can use your images in promotional material. You give us the right to use the people available to you at any time, including their modification. You must obtain all the necessary permissions for you and for us in order to use them before using them or sending them to us. These images should be shared with other digital editions of your project with an open license (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International).